Home Buyers Closing Day

Congratulations! You’ve contracted to purchase your new home. Closing on your new home is the final stage in the long and difficult process and New Frontier Title is here to help you reduce the stress during this exciting event in your life. The closing day is when the purchase documents are signed, funds are transferred and you take possession of the property.

Planning for closing day:

  • Scheduling your move
  • Make sure to leave enough time in the day to take possession of the keys and meet your movers before the end of the day.
  • Take off enough time from work to allow for moving problems and issues.
  • Plan an extra day or two at your current location if possible to give yourself ample time to transition to your new home.
  • Coordinate with your lender

Make sure your lender is ready to close, has all necessary documentation and will fulfill their obligations before your contract expires. Your real estate agent professional should help with this, but be proactive; you are the responsible party.

  • Check with the seller regarding utilities and coordinate with them to avoid a shutdown of electric and water service.

What to bring to closing

In order to satisfy government requirements, please bring a current valid government issued picture ID-typically a Drivers License, passport, or state identification card. Should you have questions about your form of identification, the time to confirm that it is valid is prior to the closing date. In some cases two forms of ID are required.

Your cash to close should be wired to the title agency prior to closing. In some cases, we allow for a cashier’s check issued by a local bank, however we are prohibited from taking personal checks or money orders.

If you are married and purchasing a home without your spouse, please note that if the property will be your homestead, your spouse may be required to sign certain closing documents, including the mortgage. Talk with your title professional about your purchase prior to closing.